Covid Info

Corona – handling 2023

Are there any access restrictions?

The current Saxony-Anhalt state regulation to contain the corona pandemic applies to our events. At the moment, this does not provide for compulsory vaccination and no compulsory testing for events of our kind.

We reserve the domiciliary right to introduce a Covid test requirement at our events, should this make sense at the time of the respective event. We will inform you about this via all information portals and the checklist, which will be sent to you before the events.

Is there a mask requirement or other regulations on the premises?

We recommend FFP 2 masks in the toilet cubicles and in confined spaces. In addition, you should ALWAYS carry an FFP2 mask with you in case players ask you to do so indoors.

If you want to wear a mouth and nose protection permanently, we fully understand this and ask all participants to react with appropriate understanding to OT masks.

Admission to the Orgaplex is only granted to you with an FFP2 mask (medical exceptional cases excluded).

We will only have disposable containers in stock at the bar. Therefore please use your own drinking vessels and do not share them.

I developed symptoms during the event, what now?

If this happens, you have to test yourself for the corona virus on site. Until there is a result, wear an FFP2 mask and observe the distance regulations.

You must bring these rapid tests with you. Lost Ideas does NOT provide quick tests and does NOT administer the tests. We clearly recommend bringing a sufficient number of tests with you!

What happens if my test comes back positive during the event?

In this case, the current provisions of the Containment Ordinance of the State of Saxony Anhalt apply. That means: immediate isolation from other participants, FFP2 mask requirement in closed rooms, toilets, as well as the distance control. Furthermore:

The use of the showers is prohibited. Should it be necessary, we will implement a quarantine shower time.

Further participation in the game, entering the playing area is no longer possible – except to collect private belongings/sleeping utensils from the area once

Until the time of departure you will be housed outside the field in the designated quarantine area. This area will be in the basement of the former Angel Falls building. There is also a quarantine toilet there.

Unfortunately we have to ask you to leave the event as soon as possible. Make appropriate contingency plans in advance. The Lost Ideas Orga will support you as much as possible, but cannot take over your departure logistics, supply and group communication.

In extreme emergencies, you can remain in the quarantine area until the end of the event.

Let your environment/group know so that they can also test or isolate themselves.

What happens if I’m carpooling and I’m the only one who gets sick?

Discuss this eventuality BEFORE your arrival within your car pool. Is a trip home together possible? Is it possible for all passengers to abandon the game early?

Clarify a possible pick-up from the premises with family, friends and acquaintances in advance

How do I best prepare for an emergency?

Here is a small to-bring checklist that we highly recommend:

possibly an indoor tent (e.g. pop-up tent without ground anchoring)

Warm, comfortable clothing

Camp bed and sleeping pad


sleeping bag, warm blankets

water, food, tea,

cooking facility

Medicines, clinical thermometer

Book, Game Boy, Music or Other employment opportunities

Find out about the costs incurred in an emergency, about the current medical repatriation regulations and how your health insurance company will cover the costs

Clarify with your friends and group members who can take care of you on site in the event of an acute illness. (shopping trips, preparing food etc.)