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If you are completely new to the world of FALLEN, we recommend you to read the following page and after that, the core rulebook. You find it here.

If you are interested in playing in the city „Lost Vegas“, please read the city rulebook. 

We are currently translating all rulebooks into english.

What kind of world is FALLEN?

Fallen – Bad Land is built on a sandbox principle. It is a post-apocalyptic city, everyday life, crisis, economic, and survival simulation. Our focus is on survival, trade, and social gameplay. The background describes a framework of the world in which you introduce your character.

Accommodation / Sanitation

At FALLEN, there are many old army buildings where most characters find shelter and spend their time in the game with groups. Those who prefer not to face the dangers of the wasteland at night, can sleep at the Out Time campsite. On the site, there is a shower container. Portable toilets (Dixies) are distributed everywhere. There is no running drinking water on the site.


FALLEN is a player self-sufficient con. In the city, there is free drinking water for refilling.

Game Content and Themes

„“…The world has ended. Countries, borders, nations and states are just as non-existent as the memory of them. Only eternal smoking holes, huge ruins and burning landscapes that have not calmed down for years are still reminders of the great war. It took a long time for life to crawl to the surface again. At some point, food and water also became scarced in the bunkers. No one liked what was found above, and much less what had formed over time in the bubbling poisonous pools of the world.
But life had to go on – for whatever reason. Provincial power blocs, armies, associations of madmen, converts, man-eating lunatics and the pious were formed from the ashes, who sometimes seem even crazier than their misanthropic neighbors in such a world. Completely contradictory and controversial, they now populate the rotten face of this planet and fight over the last belongings that time has left for them.
The atmosphere, the environmental toxins and the great war have turned the world into a hostile and yet varied hell. You have to constantly take medication to avoid being killed or mutated. Decontamination is the order of the day.
Some areas are strictly ruled by occupying powers, some cities and enclaves are thriving and producing amazing things, but in between…. in between are the Bad Lands. Here only the „Trading Company“ rules, the last power vacuum which inevitably has to be accepted by everyone… and the greed for water, petrol, food, liquor and medicine…“

What to Expect

  • Play to struggle
  • Intensive character and conflict play
  • Simple wasteland dwellers and powerful soldiers
  • Interpersonal drama
  • In-game exclusion (depending on the character)
  • Wasteland art and culture
  • Post-apocalyptic vehicles
  • Nerf combat battles
  • Post-apocalyptic daily life
  • Expansive area and over 50 settling groups

What Not to Expect

  • Easy luxury larping
  • Large larp battles
  • „Red Thread“ plot
  • Magic and fantasy elements
  • Nameless NPC enemies
  • „Telling“ game mechanics
  • Complete accessibility

Content Warning

Sensitive topics that may appear in the game but are not mandatory:

  • Fears
  • (Artificial) blood
  • Mutants
  • Bullying, harassment, teasing
  • Nudity
  • Physical confrontation
  • Verbal aggression
  • (LARP) weapons of all kinds
  • Fake Drug consumption
  • Alcohol consumption

Start and End

Early arrival is possible from two days before the Intime date.
Regular arrival & check-in: Intime Date
In-game starts around 6 PM until late Saturday night

End & Departure

FALLEN is designed as a 24/7 intime larp. Therefore, from the beginning of the event to the end of the event, it is played through in full. Actions with IT consequences are no longer possible after midnight on the last game day. Of course the game goes on at night.

On Sunday, priority must be given to dismantling your own campsite and taking away trash. Afterwards players go home.

Game Participation Types

Most players on FALLEN are player charcters, meaning characters who can make all decisions themselves. Cheaper tickets are available for GSC, guided player characters, who have motivations and goals set by the organizers but can pursue them independently.

FALLEN does not have purely combat NPCs.

Registration & Tickets

For FALLEN, only a ticket is necessary. Only large groups with more than 10 players need to register. They can sign up at plot@lost-ideas.com. More information about groups is available here.

Costume / Attire / Post-apocalyptic Clothing

Characters on FALLEN vary in how well they cope with the Badland. This is also represented through costumes. A combat-ready character might wear various armor pieces, a dancer in the casino something lighter, and the cook of the mutants something practical.

For good post-apocalyptic costume tips, check out the Nuklear Snail Studios:

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask us.
You can use the contact form or write to info@lost-ideas.com.

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